I came across a Western site with a selection of the best VPN services, which interested me. Below is a brief summary of each, if you are interested in delving into the original selection.

1. ExpressVPN. This service seemed to me the most reliable. The connection uses military-standard encryption, more than 3000 servers worldwide, no log entries on the server side, and is ideal for uploading and streaming videos.

Cons-there is no trial period, it costs $ 8.5 per month.

Pros – high level of protection, fast connection speed, the ability to connect up to 5 gadgets, including Apple TV, the ability to return money within the first month if something did not like it.

2.VyprVPN. This service is more modest, with only 700 servers worldwide. The creators are originally from Switzerland, so everything works like clockwork – connects to any server in any country quickly, the speed is good, although sometimes it sags for unknown reasons.

Cons-watching streaming videos can be uncomfortable, there is no way to pay for a subscriber anonymously.

Pros-the client for Mac is very simple, the speed for surfing the Internet is good, the price for a month of use starts from $ 5. You can connect up to 3 gadgets simultaneously.

3. NordVPN. Good protection, fast connection, more than 5000 servers worldwide. They write that this is one of the best VPNs for Mac, only ExpressVPN is cooler.

Cons-the connection speed is not high enough.

Pros-a cheap version of a paid VPN. The monthly fee starts at $ 3. However, they withdraw the amount immediately for 3 years, 107 dollars.

4. Windscribe. This is the" youngest " service originally from Canada. About 500 servers around the world, stable, though slow enough connection, low cost-from $ 1 per month, there is even a limited free rate.

Cons – the service was convicted of storage of data. Not in transfer to third parties, I emphasize, but only in storage. But still, this is already a joint.

Pros – the lowest price for a stable VPN connection.

5. Astrill VPN. This is an Asian service with 300 servers worldwide. High speed and high price per month of use are attached. Convenient configuration and round-the-clock technical support require you to pay from $ 8.3 per month, when paying immediately for the calendar year of use.

Cons – not suitable for streaming downloads and videos, high price, it is impossible to pay for access anonymously.

Pros - there is a trial period of 7 days, stable operation and the ability to connect 5 devices at once.

Personally, I chose the very first one, ExpressVPN. Took a while for a month, we'll see. I connected my MacBook and iPhone, now I don't worry about the freedom of Internet access. What I wish you, do not delay with the choice of a decent VPN service, otherwise you will wait


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    Igor3 201 days ago Permalink

    ExpressVPN This service seemed to me the most reliable. When connected, encryption is used. Many servers around the world. No log entries on the server side. Ideal for downloading and streaming video.

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    Starki23 201 days ago Permalink

    If the priority is speed - choose the closest geographically and less busy server to you. If anonymity - look for a server of countries with which your country does not have diplomatic relations.

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    Igor3 201 days ago Permalink

    VyprVPN has one noticeable advantage over competitors. This is Chameleon technology designed to reduce data recognition for those who want to intercept it and find out what you are doing, which is why the program is ideal for users

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    How to choose the right VPN and why you need to do it now.
    Choosing a VPN service is very complicated. An inexperienced user does not see the difference between hundreds of different programs (and there is one) 中国 VPN 推荐 https://topvpncn.com/best-vpn-for-china
    Experienced users compare services by parameters such as anonymity, access speed, log storage and much, much more.

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    Vanya5 201 days ago Permalink

    Using a VPN has now become practically necessary for many reasons. And access to blocked resources, and the safety of your data in secret, which is very important. And of course, it is advisable to use official paid VPN services that work better and are faster.

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