VPN services have long been one of the most popular means of protecting confidential information on the network. Thanks to a lot of revelations and international scandals, the anonymous VPN service, as a means of protection against attacks on personal space, has become known to a wide range of Internet users seeking to protect themselves and their personal data on the world wide web.

A significant role in the popularization of VPN services was played by the media, which actively used declassified data on surveillance by intelligence agencies around the world, and revealed the naked truth about anonymity on the Internet.

Anonymous VPN without logs
Every time we visit an information or entertainment site, social network, or Twitter, from a home computer, tablet, or phone — no matter, we leave our real IP address in the resource logs. An IP address is a virtual passport on the Internet, knowing which you can easily calculate the actual location of its owner.


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    Igor3 201 days ago Permalink

    Many services swear that they do not store any logs, but believe me, the logs are saved anyway. The question is how long and what exactly they store. It is preferable that those VPN services that store logs for no more than 12 hours and only store connection information in the logs

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    All data that enters the VPN is subject to prior encryption. Then the information is received by the Internet provider. Ultimately, the information gets processed by a VPN server connected to the Internet on behalf of the user. This leads to the site considering the VPN server as a source of traffic.

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    A VPN routes your Internet connection through an encryption tunnel, preventing outsiders from monitoring your IP address as well as your online travels and related confidential personal and business relationships

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    Specialists say that VPNs provide a more secure and reliable connection and do not slow down, like many similar services. Using a VPN has now become practically necessary for many reasons. And access to blocked resources, and the safety of your data in secret, which is very important.

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    Have you often found yourself thinking about a possible monitoring of your online activities, probably encountered blocking access to a site that you previously freely used?
    Using a VPN台灣 https://topvpn.tw/ connection will prevent tracking of your activity on the Internet, personal data will be protected from prying eyes, blocking sites will remain in the past due to a change in IP address when using a VPN connection.

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