Simple Text is that the default text editor on the Macintosh. In OSX use Text Edit and alter the subsequent preferences: choose (in the preferences window) Plain text rather than made text so choose Ignore made text commands in markup language files. this can be important as a result of if you do not do that markup language codes in all probability will not work

One factor you must avoid exploitation could be a word processing system (like Microsoft Word) for authoring your markup language documents.

What is AN markup language File?
markup language could be a format that tells a laptop a way to show an internet page. The documents themselves square measure plain text files with special "tags" or codes that an internet browser uses to interpret and show info on your visual display unit.


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    Welcome to HTML Basics. This workshop leads you thru the fundamentals of Hyper Text terminology (HTML). HTML is that the building block for web content. you may learn to use HTML to author associate HTML page to show during a application program.
    you may would like a text editor, like pad of paper and an online browser, like web adventurer or Netscape.

    Q: what's pad of paper and wherever do i buy it?
    A: pad of paper is that the default Windows text editor. On most Windows systems, click your begin button and opt for Programs then Accessories. It ought to be a touch blue notebook

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